Attyck has a history of its own, as can any other group in which the human component is essential to starting a new company.

Attyck presents its art marketplace taking into account that the working mechanism through which it has grown is that of the union of values ​​that the founding team has tacitly considered ideal: Professionalism, Sensitivity and Respect.

Why do people from such diverse professional backgrounds join together - such as large corporations; companies related to culture in its broadest sense; startup entrepreneurs, and artists—, is part of that magical aspect with which life surprises us from time to time. In this sense, causality has made several people with complementary sensitivities and in different geographical coordinates think the same thing and at the same time, and decide to join together to form what is known today as Attyck. Its founders have imagined it as a platform that feeds on artistic proposals where art, ideas, and ideas about art have a place. Attyck was born from the conviction of having created a company with a soul.

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